Skull 'n' boards - Butterfly Skull

New hoodie designed for Butterfly Skull. Broken bones bruises and scratches

Mellowtoy - Mouth of the deceiver

The new Mellowtoy album is called lies. What image could best represent this word if not the ancient mouth of truth, assaulted and ruined by insidious roots?

Liberator - Speak of the devil

The electro horror trash man Liberator ask me to do something evil and horrorific to renew his image: T- Shirt design and two type of logos
The idea of a goat in clergyman surrounded by blasphemous nuns was already in my mind for a long time so it's been the perfect opportunity to finish off this idea!

Butterfly skull - Angry pin-up

The guys in Butterfly skull ask me a new design for their new line called: Suicide line. They came up with the idea of a tattooed pin up smashing a table with tea, muffins and other sweetness on it sept away by her fury!

Carnality - Lord of drones

T-shirt design for the death metallers Carnality. Dystopia and control over the masses was the main theme. Orwellian baphomet fit perfectly!

Fanart for the comic book "Short and merciless stories"

Fanart for the comic book "Short and merciless stories" by Marco Taddei and Simone Angelini

Laforcah - Weirdoll

Here's the t-shirt design I did for Laforcah an awesome electro duo from Milan. I've came up with the idea of a killer doll mixed with a bug, among toys. Sum the three 3!

T-shirt design realizzata per i Laforcah, duo electro trash punk da Milano. Non avendo un riferimento preciso ho pensato una bambola incrociata ad un insetto in mezzo a dei giocattoli. Somma i tre 3!